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What’s the difference between SEO and SMO?

What’s the difference between SEO and SMO?

The best website developer you could find made an outstanding website for you. It includes a clear description of your company, a decent appearance, and is user-friendly. You still have a problem, though, that nobody else notices.

There will be more issues, but if you scroll down, you’ll get to SEO (Search Engine Optimization). In order to rank highly and get organic (unpaid) traffic, the website must be optimized for search engines.

You will see SMO (Social Media Optimization) if you search more. In order to increase traffic to a website, the social media platform must be optimised. Since the 1990s, SEO has been a major driver of Internet traffic, and Google continues to make changes to its algorithms. Additionally, SMO, which is brand-new for boosting website traffic, was first made known in 2006. Rohit Bhargava brought up the article on the five rules of social media optimization, which highlighted it.

Meanwhile, their abbreviation differs just in the middle word SEO and SMO, although they have enormous disparities.

differences between SEO and SMO


search engine optimization (SEO) is a science of enhancing a website’s exposure when users search for goods or services. The more prominent a website is on search engines, the more likely it is that a brand will draw clients.



For your audience, keywords are just as important as content. When you search for something in a search engine and it’s similar with your product and service, that keyword helps to search engine show that result. Its primary objective is to increase traffic from paid and unpaid organic sources and SERPs.


Meta title and Descriptions

They offer a significant chance to draw visitors to your website and provide a thorough, accurate, and captivating introduction to your pages. They serve as the bait for your online ads and search engine optimization.


Link Building

Link building is referred to as a backlink in SEO. Your websites will rank higher on Google or the SERPs thanks to backlinks from high-quality websites (SERP). These can help to rank easily with do-follow links.


User-friendly Websites

While creating a website is simple, a user-friendly website is challenging. User-friendly websites that are simple to use and optimized for SEO attract the most visitors. It can help to capture the user with the easiest. And also getting more visitors to your website.



SMO is the process of using social media networks to manage and spread an organization’s message and online presence. Social media optimization can be used as a digital marketing tactic to draw attention to new goods and services, establish connections with clients, and guard against potentially detrimental news.


Sharing content easily

As everyone is aware, content is “King,” and SMO helps in creating content that reaches audiences and establishes brands that stand out. Additionally, it facilitates sharing on websites and blogs and the addition of link buttons.


Optimizing the Profile

SMO makes the profile more appealing by adding text, images, and eye-catching demographics. Social media content seems elegant and appealing to the audience when colors are added.


Loyal Followers

It works with influencers to promote your companies and draw attention to them from the audience. Outbound links and valuable content both improve Google rankings and SEO while driving traffic. It increases social media visibility and assists in gaining more fans, subscribers, and followers.

There are several factors between SEO and SMO to consider depending on the business. SEO and SMO management can be handled by companies like Digitech King, which employs experts in these fields. Your social media, SEO, and SMO will be managed by them, and they’ll keep your website updated and make sure your material is properly optimised.

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